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2 months ago

Duncan Lewis of our Breakbulk team in our Warrington office recently coordinated moving this cargo by barge.  You can see in the video below the steps taken to progress through to loading out by ship with Fednav. Neatly taking another piece of high and heavy cargo from origin to final destination -...

2 months ago

Recently we attended a meeting where one of the opening remarks commented on how the shipping industry was going to need to change - well it already has ! So many people are unaware of the rapid pace of change and the achievements already in place by many of the worlds top shipping lines.  ...

2 months ago

We recently shared some video footage on our social channels to give you an insight into our work. This ‘peek behind the curtain’ shows the Höegh Autoliners Caribia discharging cargo at the docks in Guyana. Drone footage reveals cars and other vehicles rolling off the Höegh ship and pans across the...