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Kestrel Liner Agencies are Committed to Quality Services, Even on Short Notice.

Kestrel Liner Agencies are Committed to Quality Services, Even on Short Notice.

6 years ago

No matter how many years our team have committed to quality service at Kestrel Liner Agencies, we are always proud when we successfully complete a tricky shipment. Take these two latest examples for instance:  

Upon request from one of our VIP clients, we shipped a particularly large case to Shanghai. Due to the size of the cargo (500 x 390 x 445 cm), not to mention a weight of over 32 tonnes, we had to negotiate between Shanghai and our Felixstowe port to ensure special acceptance of the shipment. Furthermore, we had to take extra care to minimise any potential hazards that could arise from such a heavy shipment. Luckily, we specialise in handling out-of-gauge cargo, and our team are trained to the highest standards in health and safety. We had to ensure sufficient lashing, one of the biggest areas of risk in marine cargo shipping, as well as making sure the large amount of weight was evenly distributed.


This was one of our most difficult jobs as of recent, but with difficulty comes reward, and the cargo was loaded without a hitch, under the watchful eyes of a Kestrel representative.


One thing we’re known for in the industry is our ability to meet a quick turnaround period for shipments. Luckily, our global network of contacts and years of practical experience always assist us when we need something done short notice.


This time, in order to meet a delivery schedule in Jordan, we had to co-ordinate 3 40FR flat rack containers, each one carrying a case that weighted 6,810 kg. Once again, due to the size of the cases (630 x 420 x 231 cm) we had to gain special acceptance from the discharge port. This is what we like to call a “make it happen” moment, one of many as part of our project management service. At short notice, we co-ordinated trailers and an escort vehicle to facilitate transfer to our Felixstowe loading facility, where one of the Kestrel team made sure the cargo was loaded smoothly and smoothly on board the ocean vessel.


All in all, it’s been just another week at Kestrel Liner Agencies, but these two success stories reminded us to keep pushing forward to provide the best service possible. If you’ve got a difficult shipment that needs to be made quickly, contact Kestrel for a hands-on service, from a team that knows the industry inside and out.