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How can the shipping industry focus on climate action globally?

How can the shipping industry focus on climate action globally?

1 month ago

Recently we have had various conversations about how the shipping industry on a global basis can focus on climate action.


These have included whether ships will run on electric like a vehicle and how will that work? How is it possible for cargo ships to lower carbon emissions? and whether global logistics will have to stop, in order to achieve not just the mandatory future targets but in order to actually benefit our planet for the future of all?


We have explained the types of innovation that is going on within the industry and the types of alternate fuel or energy available and a first class example is the Aurora class vessels pioneered by Höegh Autoliners


With the upcoming naming ceremony of the very first Aurora class ship for the Hoegh fleet only a few months away, it’s a great time to take a look at what this means …


For those that don’t know, these new vessels put Hoegh ahead of the curve with the most environmentally friendly car carriers in the world. Even more good news - they have 12 already on order plus a possible 4 more!


They showcase the transition from conventional fuel to viable sustainable options.


Here’s the technical bit -

First in the PCTC segment to receive DNV’s ammonia-ready and methanol-ready notations, the Auroras will also be the first to be ready to operate zero-carbon ammonia propulsion with the main engine delivered by MAN and the bridge system supplied by Kongsberg Maritime.


What does all this mean ?

  • Hoegh are leading the industry towards a net zero future.
  • They are creating demand for sustainable fuels.
  • They are reducing the carbon footprint for their customers supply chain.
  • Cutting carbon emissions per car transported by 58% from the current industry standard.


A real and tangible step toward achieving the 2040 net-zero emissions goal.


Their engines are primed to run on liquefied natural gas (LNG) and low-sulfur oil. These vessels can be converted to run on Ammonia.


Hoegh has additionally agreed to have MAN's groundbreaking ammonia 2-stroke engines for installation on these vessels.


The design also includes 1500 square meters of solar panels on the top deck.


They are not just addressing carbon emissions whilst at sea - the vessels will also accomodate electric shore power for emissions-free port operations.


What does Hoegh have to say about all of this “As an inherent business value, sustainability has been and is at the core of Höegh Autoliners’ operations. We have a solid history of emission cuts and long-term efforts to combat climate change and is on a clear path towards a zero emissions future. For us, it is not about compliance, but sustainable leadership,” Leif O. Høegh


If , like us and our chosen partners, you care about the future of our planet - then ship with Hoegh. The leading car carrier in the world for a reason.


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