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Happy 60th Birthday To Andy Thorne On Kestrel UK's 30th & Miami's 21st Years

Happy 60th Birthday To Andy Thorne On Kestrel UK's 30th & Miami's 21st Years

4 weeks ago

Celebrating milestones: Kestrel Liner Agencies CEO Andy Thorne marks his 60th birthday alongside Kestrel's 30th Anniversary and Kestrel Miami's 21st Year.


In a jubilant celebration of achievements, Kestrel Liner Agencies, a renowned player in the maritime industry, commemorates multiple milestones this month. CEO Andy Thorne, esteemed leader of Kestrel Liner Agencies, marks his 60th birthday amidst the company's illustrious journey. Andy's visionary leadership has been instrumental in steering Kestrel towards success, earning accolades and trust in the industry.


Simultaneously, Kestrel Liner Agencies joyfully celebrates its 30th year in business, marking three decades of unwavering commitment to excellence and client satisfaction. Since its inception, Kestrel has continually evolved, adapting to industry dynamics while maintaining its core values of integrity and reliability.


Furthermore, Kestrel Miami, a pivotal branch of the company, commemorates its 21st year in operation. Over the past two decades, Kestrel Miami has played a vital role in facilitating trade and maritime logistics, contributing significantly to the company's global footprint.


As Kestrel Liner Agencies and its esteemed CEO Andy Thorne celebrate these remarkable milestones, they reaffirm their dedication to innovation, service excellence, and continued growth in the dynamic maritime landscape.