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Cost effective Air/Sea shipping to the Caribbean

Cost effective Air/Sea shipping to the Caribbean

7 years ago

Traditionally, container shipping via sea has played an important part when transporting goods to the Caribbean Islands.  However, with transit times ranging from weeks from Europe or South America to more than 6 weeks from Asia, this can sometimes prove problematic. In the fast paced society we live in today it is often imperative that goods can arrive at a much quicker time whilst still keeping costs low.

Kestrel Liner Agencies have the perfect solution.  They have a unique Air/Sea service; a hybrid logistics solution offering the speed of air and the economy of sea freight.  With its dedicated 100,000 sq. ft. customs bonded warehouse in Miami, they can offer an air and sea freight option which can drastically reduce transit times to days. This is great news if you have a product that needs to be on the shelves to keep up with buyers demand.

How it works 

Kestrel’s network covers over 100 worldwide airports to over 45 sea and air destinations in the Caribbean and Latin America. Goods are shipped via airfreight to Miami Airport, the world’s largest gateway to the Americas.  Upon arrival at the airport, the shipments are immediately transferred to the ocean leg on a fixed day departure and arrival schedule. The frequent second leg sea transport ranges from one day to the Bahamas, 4 to 6 days to the Caribbean and Central America and 9 days to the Guianas. Combined with the air leg to Miami you can see how the entire region can be served expeditiously.


Using the Air/Sea system dramatically reduces shipping times. Shipping from airports in Asia can take just 6 to 12 days. Likewise, shipping from the UK, North Europe, India, the Mediterranean and South America can be achieved in just 6 to 10 days, at a fraction of the cost using air freight to ship goods all the way.

Another huge benefit of using the air and sea method comes when moving over sized articles that cannot fit on feeder aircraft. If you need to ship a large item quickly then this is the perfect scenario.

Kestrel Liner Agencies has a long history of shipping goods to the Caribbean and this method has proved successful for many of their clients, especially in the leisure and hospitality sectors.  A company that prides itself on offering great customer service, Kestrel will work with their clients to ensure they receive the best and most cost effective way to move their goods. For more information or to request a quote please contact John Fiddies on +44 1784 898227 or email