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Conquering the Pacific: Team Ohana's Triumph in the World's Toughest Row

Conquering the Pacific: Team Ohana's Triumph in the World's Toughest Row

11 months ago

The human spirit has an uncanny ability to persevere through even the most formidable challenges. Team Ohana's awe-inspiring journey in the World's Toughest Row stands as a testament to the courage and resilience of the mind and body. With the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean as their battleground, this team of four adventurers embarked on an epic quest to row from Monterey Bay, California, all the way to the enchanting shores of Kauai, Hawaii.


The World's Toughest Row


The World's Toughest Row is a renowned event that challenges participants to row across the vastness of the Pacific Ocean, pushing their physical and mental limits to the max. With unpredictable weather patterns, relentless waves, and sheer isolation, this gruelling 2,800-mile rowing challenge is not for the faint of heart. Teams from all corners of the world gather to showcase their determination and strength.


Kestrel’s Involvement


Kestrel was specifically chosen to handle the shipping of Team Ohana's boat from Southampton to Monterey and back. The planning for this logistics operation began in collaboration with Oliver James from Rannoch last November.

We were selected by the organizers based on our prior experience in shipping their boat to and from the USA and the Canary Islands during the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge.

Let's dive into the incredible tale of Team Ohana's journey and the amazing charities they support.


The Cause


Team Ohana, a group of four intrepid individuals bonded by a shared spirit of family and adventure, took on the World's Toughest Row with an unwavering determination to make their mark and champion their cause. In their own words, their ‘why’ is:

“To raise awareness and make an impact on these veterans PTSD and suicide statistics. We have identified an amazing organization that is making a discernible impact.

To raise awareness about Neurofibromatosis (NF) and help in the research of this disease affecting 1 in 3000 births.”

Charity 1: K9s for Warriors

K9s for Warriors aims to combat veteran suicide by pairing veterans in need with service dogs. The organization rescues dogs from high-kill shelters, extending a lifeline to both the dogs and the veterans. These service dogs play a crucial role in helping veterans regain independence and dignity in their lives.

Charity 2: The Children's Tumor Foundation

Neurofibromatosis (NF), impacts 1 in every 3,000 births, can result in various challenges such as blindness, deafness, bone abnormalities, disfigurement, learning difficulties, disabling pain, or cancer. As of now, there is no cure. The Children's Tumor Foundation's mission is to support the NF community by driving research, expanding knowledge, and advancing care for those affected.

You can still donate here.


Overcoming Challenges


Rowing across the Pacific Ocean is no simple feat. Team Ohana encountered an array of challenges on their journey that tested their mental and physical endurance. From battling waves to navigating unpredictable weather, every moment was a testament to their resolve and commitment to their cause.




After days and nights of rowing, Team Ohana's dedication paid off as they finally crossed the finish line, triumphantly arriving on the shores of Kauai, Hawaii. Their incredible feat of rowing from Monterey Bay to Kauai showcased the strength of the human spirit and the power of teamwork. The remarkable accomplishment was amplified by the knowledge that their efforts would go on to benefit charitable causes close to their hearts.

Team Ohana's courage, determination, and passion for making a positive impact is inspiring. As they step off the boats and back into their everyday lives, their remarkable achievement will be a shining example of what can be accomplished when we dare to dream big and unite as one resilient family.