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ACMF Kestrel Scholarships awarded

ACMF Kestrel Scholarships awarded

10 months ago

We are delighted to announce that we have been able to support the American Caribbean Maritime Foundation again this year. Our financial contribution was announced last year and we have just heard that our $100,000 support has been awarded to four budding students.

This year’s ACMF Kestrel Scholarships provide fully-funded tuition for Bachelor of Science degrees at the Caribbean Maritime University. The four recipients are studying an array of courses in the sector – Marine Engineering, Logistics & Supply Chain and Marine Transportation.

We couldn’t be prouder to be involved with this scholarship program. At Kestrel we view our CSR programmes as central to our success. It’s not only important to put back, it’s imperative.


Who are the ACMF?


The American Caribbean Maritime Foundation, or ACMF for short, is a Florida-based non-profit organisation launched in 2016 with a clear mission; ‘to alleviate poverty and transform lives in the Caribbean through maritime education and community development’.

The maritime and offshore industry is expanding rapidly in the Caribbean, and it has a critical role in reducing poverty and spurring economic growth. The ACMF funds not only scholarships but grants and equipment for maritime education and training too. Their beneficiaries include the aforementioned Caribbean Maritime University in Jamaica, the University of Trinidad and Tobago, LJM Maritime Academy in the Bahamas, and the MatPal Marine Institute in Guyana. The foundation works endlessly with these institutes to support Caribbean students studying maritime in the region.

ACMF scholarships are offered to students with strong academic performance along with demonstrated leadership, service and community involvement. The provision of fully-funded scholarships offered by the ACMF gives these young people the opportunity to pursue studies in the maritime sector.

ACMF President, Geneive Brown Metzger, LLD Hon. sent us a touching letter of thanks for supporting their scholarship program once again. She noted;

“We had a bumper crop of applications, with deserving high-GPA applicants.  We were only limited by our budget.  However, thanks to you, Andy and Nicki, [at Kestrel] we were able to surpass past scholarship and grant budgets.

In total this year, we will award eighty-two (82) scholarships and grants to students in Guyana, Trinidad, Jamaica, and Trinidad and Tobago.”


Corporate Social Responsibility at Kestrel


Corporate Social Responsibility is of huge importance here at Kestrel. Our teams are passionate about helping the communities local to us and giving back to the world. We believe it is vital to put back into the communities where we operate which is why we work with not only larger formal organisations such as The Princes Trust, but also take low-key direct action such as shipping clothing to children in Grenada, a lifeboat to Tortola, play equipment to Bequia, and much-needed aid in the aftermath of disasters.

You can read more about our CSR initiatives here or over on the Kestrel blog.

In the Caribbean, we utilise our connections with ship owners servicing the region and apply pressure for them to give experience to cadets. Through our community connections, we enable them to employ Caribbean people too. We began working with the American Caribbean Maritime Foundation four years ago and have supported them financially for the last two years. Beyond giving USD 100,000 this year we are supporting cadets to get time on board vessels.

We feel that working with projects in education gives young people the best chance of success. The ACMF Kestrel Scholarship allows us to support those who show great promise through their college/university training. These are students who may otherwise not have been able to journey into advanced education without scholarships, grants and financial support. Their education and experiences help shape their future. Through the scholarship program, we are enabling young people to get jobs onboard ships. In an area with ambitious plans for growth in the maritime industry, this is invaluable!