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Kestrel Proud Attendees of the Caribbean Shipping Associations 47th Annual General Meeting

Kestrel Proud Attendees of the Caribbean Shipping Associations 47th Annual General Meeting

6 years ago

The Caribbean Shipping Association’s 47th Annual General Meeting was held in Barbados for the 6th time earlier this week. The conference ran from the 9th to the 11th of October. Executives from the shipping industry travelled internationally to meet at this prestigious event.

As usual, the topics covered were incredibly engaging. President of the CSA, David Jean Marie, opened the proceedings. During his opening speech he expressed grief on behalf of the CSA at the effects of Hurricane Irma and Maria.

Unfortunately, a few regular attendees could not make it because of the devastation caused – David conveyed his commiserations for these individuals.

Darwin Telemaque, former West Indies cricket star and Atingua Port Director also gave a touching talk on the impact of the hurricanes as well as the humanitarian crisis. You can watch him below.

The CSA has always been big on cooperation, a big driving factor in the shipping industry. A facility was provided where members could donate money for hurricane aid relief. The CSA incentivised this by matching donations up to 10,000USD.

Following on the theme of cooperation, the president announced a partnership with COCATRAM (Central American Commission on Maritime Transport). These two associations actively share information, customers and some customs practices.

Another important topic on the agenda was cyberspace security, something which has been a concern as the industry’s technology progresses. This concern was amplified by the cyber-attack on Maersk earlier this year. 

We are proud to be involved in this event. The Caribbean market is incredibly important to us and we strive to keep in touch with the communities which support our business.