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Caribbean Customer Catch Ups

Caribbean Customer Catch Ups

4 months ago

We love our Customer Catch Ups and for the start of the new year our CEO Andy Thorne has been making his way around the islands of St Vincent and The Grenadines. Where Logistics is such an enormous part of island life and the diversity of business and people that we deal with is incredible.


From entrepreneurs like Jeremie who started up a water sports centre specialising in kitesurfing at JT Pro Centre Kitesurfing Grenadines – to the hotel and resort construction industry including the likes of the stunning “The Limings” resort in Bequia , major chains such as the new Sandals resort in StVincent, established luxury locations like “Firefly” in Bequia and the beautiful Mayreau beach resort - the list is endless.


That is without mentioning the plethora of restaurants each with their own unique vibe and ambience, the local businesses varying from daily convenience stores through to specialist products. The cars, buses, taxis and fire engines as well as the boats! Yes, small dinghies, speedboats, yachts and mega yachts, rowing boats and all manner of equipment, spares and supplies to go with them.


Have we mentioned the private island resorts? Like Palm Island a luxury escape, and Mustique? Their reputation speaks for itself.


Finally the major construction site that is the new port managed by Aecon to support and develop the vital shipping industry that keeps these islands alive and thriving.


Every step of the way whether it be by Air or Sea we endeavour to get people’s goods to where they need to be. As for that last crucial last mile - after we have Customs cleared the imports - often the final step is charter, barge, small plane or ferry to the final island destination.


The Caribbean is a chain of incredible adaptable people and their businesses and daily lives.  As the year starts, we are truly grateful to be involved in a fabulous industry in wonderful locations around the world.


We will leave that thought with a little clip showing the expertise of the local ferry captains operating the newly expanded fleet of Bequia Express ferries connecting the islands on a regular basis including taking the children to school on the main land each day.


Next time you order something yourself or you export a product - have a think about the amazing global logistics chain that makes things happen.


One thing is for sure - Kestrel love connecting with our customers and we love the logistical challenges and daily needs that we are able to meet.  Our friendly teams worldwide are available to assist in any shipping challenges you have, contact us here.