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10 Year Service Awards

10 Year Service Awards

13 years ago

10 Year Service Awards made to employees Darryl Southgate & Keith Buckle.

Two of Kestrel\'s employees have just reached their 10 Year Service Awards - Darryl Southgate and Keith Buckle.   Many of our customers and colleagues will have known both Darryl and Keith for the majority of their time with Kestrel, and feel truly privileged to have staff who join the Kestrel family and stay for such a long time.  It is a testament both to the strength and talents of our employees, and also to the success of the company and the management team that makes this possible.  We would like to thank Darryl and Keith for all their hard work, commitment, knowledge and exceptional customer service.

Both Darryl & Keith were presented with a bonus to mark 10 years with the company, and below they have both reminisced a little about the old days through to current day, and also detailed how they intend to spend their bonus ...

Darryl says..

I started at Kestrel In February 2001 – it was a small very busy company… which prided itself on its customer service (nothing\'s changed)  I was surprised – if not shocked that the owner of the company was so hands on and got involved with every aspect (especially every bill of lading we sent) it was both refreshing and frustrating – in a good way.  We always heard it “from the horse\'s mouth” as it were.  Over the last ten years the company has grown and diversified…. But Andy stills knows the customers and I am sure knows more about what happens with customer then he lets on. !! My role has changed over the last ten years and I like think I am a bit of a jack of all trades now.  Its nice that I am still dealing with the same customers ten years later…. Our customer services certainly works.

I think people stay because of the constant challenges and pride they take in their work – Kestrel offers first class customer care it did 10 years ago and nothing changed on that Front.

I will be getting some designer earrings…. Its unusual I get to treat myself first.. but in this instance that’s exactly what I intend to do.

Keith says..

I was going to put the money towards a ‘car experience day’ but as my wife, Jan, is flying off to New Zealand/Australia/Tasmania for 5 weeks from the end of this month I have decided to take my two boys on a weeks holiday in Spain near Barcelona and see the Nou Camp.   So the money will go towards that.

I started working at Kestrel initially on the Tropical services which at the time was an eye opener as far as consolidation is concerned as to the volumes Kestrel were shipping.

Tropical was always and still is an interesting and rewarding service to operate and be involved in.

In time I got more involved in the other services operated by Kestrel all of which had their own unique pressures and demands.

Changes in systems and tasks have come  and been handled. The challenges continue to come and be addressed and I still get great satisfaction on resolving issues and setting up services and systems.

One thing not changed is the drive Kestrel has to move with the times and to accomondate any and all of our customers requirements.

Looking forward to the next ten years!