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  • Rick Murrell
  • CEO
  • Tropical Shipping USA LLC

Tropical Shipping has worked with Kestrel to develop integrated logistical services, from both the United Kingdom and globally, to and from the Caribbean nations. The relationship we have together has earned us the trust and support of our customers in the Caribbean.

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  • Virgin Limited Edition

Virgin Limited Edition, and some of our properties, have collaborated closely with Kestrel Liners over the past few years on a wide range of shipping requirements, from a new submarine, to boats, equipment, and even down to supplying food for our flamingos on Necker Island. Our shipments have always involved a few challenges, whether they be precious cargo with extremely tight deadlines, or just stroppy customs officials. These have all been handled very efficiently and without complaint by Andy, Nicola and the rest of their team. All their effort has certainly not gone unnoticed. We are always pleased to deal with them, and wouldn't hesitate in recommending Kestrel Liners to anyone with any shipping requirements.

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  • Jason Roberts, MBE

Recent months have seen the Jason Roberts Foundation explore further ways in which their charitable work can be extended, in line with their key aim of “offering a sporting chance” to children and young people in Grenada.

Such progressive projects have included development into raising the profile of disability sports with children facing physical challenges, and also the importance of providing quality teacher training to schools, in order for their staff to work more effectively with young people. In exploring such avenues as these, forming a partnership with a company such as Kestrel has been paramount in ensuring that the appropriate resources, such as specialist sports training equipment, books and coaching and teaching aids, reach the staff involved both quickly and effectively.

The recent projects have really taken on a life of their own in terms of developing our foundation, and so a partnership with a company like Kestrel is beneficial in making sure our kids have access to quality materials and equipment. The Jason Roberts Foundation has worked exclusively with Kestrel during the past 12 months and entrusts the company to provide quality, effective and reliable service to the needs of their project.

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  • Eric Kohout
  • Logistics Manager Projects
  • Samaritan's Purse

When I recommend someone to another colleague it is a direct reflection on me and thus, I do not do it very often.  I usually only do it when I am confident that it will be a home run.  In this case, I have recommended Steve and Kestrel to our OCC-USA logistic team because of the very good work he has done on our Haiti response, his industry knowledge and what I perceive is a heart for what we do.  From my perspective, your US operations are in great hands with Steve.  Long term suppliers that support Samaritan’s Purse on a regular basis usually get very energized, knowing that they are making a difference in the lives of people.

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