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We differ from a lot of Agencies in our industry, in that we provide logistical solutions for both containerised shipments and out of gauge cargo. Shipments that fall outside normal requirements, be that size or value, need to be handled by a team with the experience and knowledge to provide a bespoke service. Cargo owners, project managers, specialist forwarders and charterers have all placed their trust in our Breakbulk, Heavy Lift and Project Cargo Department. With the connections to co-ordinate worldwide deliveries, and the industry knowledge to tailor a specific delivery path, we guarantee that no matter the size, weight or location of your shipment, we ensure it's prompt, efficient and cost effective.

Our values of taking ownership, and going the extra mile for our customers, permeate our entire organisation. Therefore, no matter which of the numerous services below you may utilise, you can be assured that your needs will be attended to with enthusiasm, and the utmost professionalism.

Port Handling

In order to save costs, or to reach destinations that may not be as accessible as others, your cargo may be stored and transported in several different ways over the course of its journey. We guarantee that regardless of how many times it may change hands, your shipment will be handled with efficiency and professionalism. Our port handling service includes cargo storage, loading, transfer and discharging services. We also offer cranage for shipments that are heavier than usual.


The process of securing containers together on a board ship is a high risk operation. Therefore, when carrying out services, our team comply strictly with safety regulations and adherence to warranty surveyor requirements. Our service also covers method, materials and force calculation reports with total precision.

Attendance at Port & Airport Operations

We have the experience to be able to supervise a range of operations, and a deep knowledge of procedure to ensure we report with accuracy and compliance.

Customs and Cargo Documentation

We provide 'alongside' and 'on-board' issued documentation of the highest calibre, guaranteeing a seamless transition at port.

In addition, our in-house team of fully qualified specialists can procure and manage:

Heavylift & Abnormal Load Transportation

We've co-ordinated shipments for wind turbines, control towers, and even a 37 tonne articulated dumper truck. We have the skills and knowledge to transport loads of this nature whilst still retaining the same calibre of service that is evident in our standard cargo shipping.

Jacking & Skating

Alongside our installation and de-installation services, we can co-ordinate the use of hydraulic jacks and machine moving skates, in circumstances where your cargo is too heavy to be transported via crane. This is one example of many in which we cater to the requirements of heavy lift shipments.

Route Survey

Our extensive experience in project management means we can advise you on the feasibility of a predetermined route. Whether you want to guarantee the arrival of a time-sensitive shipment, or you're looking to save costs, we can create a custom logistical solution for you.

For further information about breakbulk and bespoke cargo please contact:

  • Duncan Lewis
  • Breakbulk, Heavylift, & Projects
  • Kestrel Liner Agencies Ltd
  • Lowton Business Park
  • Lowton St Mary’s
  • Warrington, Cheshire
  • WA3 2AP

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