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Successful Breakbulk Project for EDM & KLM

Successful Breakbulk Project for EDM & KLM

5 years ago

Kestrel Provides Logistics & Installation for the Aviation Industry


We were very pleased to complete all the logistics for this exciting project for our client EDM ( who built both of these simulators) since the building drawings were available.  This was an exciting completion after two years.


We lifted both these simulators in Manchester after extensive route surveys to trucks and barge( the latter one on the video). We then delivered and installed these in the top of the mezzanine level, as well as the complicated lifts and positioning of the large simulator onto the motion system.


Of course, fragile, time sensitive and high profile shipments have to be carefully planned and meticulously executed.


This project hit both marks!


Our client EDM were very happy with our part, delivering on time and without incident. As was their client, KLM.