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The shipping industry is proactively changing to battle climate change

The shipping industry is proactively changing to battle climate change

6 months ago

Recently we attended a meeting where one of the opening remarks commented on how the shipping industry was going to need to change - well it already has ! So many people are unaware of the rapid pace of change and the achievements already in place by many of the worlds top shipping lines.


Take a look at Höegh Autoliners LinkedIn post for their latest update.


Höegh is one of the world class Shipping Lines that we represent, these Shipping Lines are already way ahead of the curve in their proactive plans to battle climate change and create cleaner safer shipping on a global basis.


Höegh is off to Dubai and the COP28 and they say:


"It is crucial to decarbonize the maritime sector as the time for climate action is overdue!


  • In 2022, international shipping alone accounted for nearly 3% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Deep-sea shipping is responsible for over 80 percent of global fleet emissions.
  • And after a dip in 2020, CO2 emissions from international shipping have rebounded.

The only responsible answer to these depressing statements is to go to Dubai and try to influence world leaders and the rest of our industry by telling them our story:


🚢 How sustainability IS our strategy.

🚢 How we aim to reach net zero operations by 2040.

🚢 How we have invested $1,2 billion in new ammonia-ready car carriers.

🚢 How our Aurora Class vessels will be the world's most environmentally friendly PCTCs."


Read more about how they are leading the way towards a green maritime industry.