Awarded The 1st King’s Awards for Enterprise: International Trade 2024
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King's Award
Andy Thorne is honoured to meet HM Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace.

Andy Thorne is honoured to meet HM Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace.

13 years ago

This outstanding achievement was celebrated at the prestigious reception hosted at Buckingham Palace. Andy Thorne attended along with Nicola Gilbert, and words fail to express the honour this represents.

To be received in such grandeur and to have the opportunity of a lifetime to enter the Palace as a guest, and be presented to HM The Queen, and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh is a phenomenal achievement. All attendees were individually introduced at the start of the evening, and during the evening HM Queen Elizabeth circulated and greeted guests, taking time to talk to them about their companies and the categories that they had been successful in.

The Reception was attended by the achievers of the Queen’s Award across all categories— Innovation, Sustainable Development, Enterprise and International Trade. Approximately 11,000 companies start this process, and were whittled down to a shortlist of approximately 1200, with 95 companies being successful.

Business Secretary Vince Cable was in attendance and said, quote, “I want to see a whole new generation of entrepreneurs”, which echoes the philosophy of all those present and their achievements regardless of category.

Kestrel is hugely supportive of these Awards and the benefits that they bring to one’s company. Especially for a relatively young company in shipping terms, this Award is a true testament to the strength of the company and acts as an extremely strong recommendation to any business or individual considering dealing with us. It has already been instrumental in bringing on board many large new corporate accounts, who feel that the due to the incredibly stringent demands that The Queen’s Award’s Office require, that Kestrel is the Only company for them to work with because it so thoroughly endorses all aspects of a quality company.

Much has happened since the Award was first announced, not least an increasing bond between the Parliamentary Select Committee with responsibility for the Commonwealth Countries, as led by MP Andrew Rosindell. The value of commercial knowledge in these areas, combined with the Governmental knowledge required to set policy and lead the way to a stronger future is clearly an opportunity that will benefit the members of the Commonwealth Countries Kestrel is so heavily involved in. Again, this is an example of the strength of Kestrel’s Corporate Responsibility to the areas where it trades.

If anyone has any queries about the Queen’s Award please contact Nicki Gilbert on Tel +44 7917 094752 or