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Sharing Our Passion, and Giving Back to the World

Photograph of children playing on swings
Photograph of children playing on swings

The reward that comes with serving communities is a key driving force for our passionate team. We actively encourage the free exchange of queries, ideas and suggestions. Regardless of whether you’re a supplier, customer or a member of our team, you can get in touch at any time, whether it be phone, email or face to face.

It is this open approach to communication that has led to our global reputation for quality service. We treat every customer with the same amount of value and care, and in return we are promoted via word-of-mouth across communities and industries.

Just as our worldwide network is thankful for our services, we actively express our gratitude for their custom. This is evident in the many charitable initiatives we’ve had the opportunity to be part of over the recent years. Whether it be shipping sporting clothing for children in Grenada, or a life-boat to Tortola, we have a vested interest in the communities we serve.

Therefore, we go the extra mile in our sustainability efforts. To us, sustainability is all about ensuring longevity. This encompasses both environmental and socio-economic factors. We want to empower global communities, whilst remaining mindful of our own impact. We have formed some fantastic partnerships as part of this mission.

The Prince's Trust

Princes Trust Logo

Founded in 1976, The Prince’s Trust is one of the UK’s most successful funding organizations. We never fail to be inspired by their efforts to uplift the next generation. This is why, in January 2017, we teamed up with The Prince’s Trust International to deliver their ‘Get into Logistics’ programme. Kestrel is a leading provider of freight solutions. This enables us to help young people find a challenging yet rewarding career in logistics.

Mark Davidian from Kestrel had the pleasure of giving the participants of ‘Get into Logistics’ their graduation certificates. He heard first-hand the benefits of the programme to the young people involved.

I was very honoured to attend the Prince’s Trust International Event and to meet this first wave of students – an inspiring group of enthusiastic, energetic young people looking to find a start and hopefully building a career in logistics. As the future of their industry they need to be given a chance. The benefits from this programme are already being realised in Barbados and we look forward to seeing the programme expand across the Caribbean region.

—Mark Davidian

One of the biggest success stories of the ‘Get into Logistics’ programme was our trainee Orian. We were so impressed with her commitment and enthusiasm, we offered her a job in our offices in Barbados. We’re pleased to report that she accepted, saying:

Six weeks ago I knew nothing about shipping! In five weeks I have learnt so much. I am looking forward to finding out so much more about the shipping and logistics industry. I am particularly looking forward to seeing a product on the shelves in Barbados knowing that I played a part in importing it.

Group photo of Get into Logistics graduates

‘Get into Logistics’ is not the only time we’ve been fortunate enough to collaborate with the Prince’s Trust. We have also sponsored their ‘Get into Hospitality’ programme. This has seen a high degree of success in helping young people find opportunities in the hospitality industry.

From small islands to large economic powers, we owe our success to communities around the globe. Therefore, we see the groups of people we work with as more than just markets. We remain mindful of the environmental, social, and economic issues these nations face. So, we draw upon our global network to support a wide range of initiatives and charities. This can only benefit Kestrel as a company, and shows our commitment to our service mission.

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