Port Handling

Port Handling

Our professional experience and industry knowledge mean that we can provide the best logistical solution for your cargo needs. Our port handling service includes cargo storage, loading, transfer and discharging services. We can also cater to specialist requirements, such as craneage for particularly large shipments.


The process of securing containers together on a board ship. This is an element of marine cargo shipping that comes with a substantive amount of risk. Our team have been trained to carry out operations to the highest degree of safety and with adherence to warranty surveyor requirements. Our service includes the provision of method, materials and force calculation reports to these aforementioned requirements.

Attendance at Port & Airport Operations

Members of the Kestrel team are more than happy to attend Port and Airport operations. They can be on hand in a supervisory and reporting role to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Customs and Cargo Documentation

Customs and Cargo Documentation – We use the latest computer technology to provide the best 'alongside' and 'on-board' issued documentation, guaranteeing a swift turnaround at port.

In addition to general shipping services, our fully experienced team offer specialist services to ship owners, charters and brokers.

We also offer specialist ship husbandry where we can arrange for the vessel to be maintained and cleaned. This way, the equipment, hull and rigging of a ship can be kept in its best shape ready for the next voyage.

Our team are dedicated to going the extra mile for our customers, and are renowned in our industry for catering to niche requirements, as well as negotiating urgent deliveries. We offer an “International Rescue” service, where we send team members to collect or supervise the loading of urgent cargo, and take ownership of ensuring its successful delivery. We want to give our customers peace of mind that their shipment is in safe hands. This is why we also offer an online cargo tracking system.

For more information about our chartering services, you can get in touch with us by clicking here. Alternatively, you can fill in a Callback Request Form, and we will be more than happy to give you a call to discuss your requirements further.

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